The admission procedure for east London Islamic school endeavours to identify children who will benefit the most from the experiences the school plans to offer, including:

1. Children who will contribute to and benefit from the Islamic ethos and activities of east London Islamic school.

2. Children whose home environment promotes the values of east London Islamic school.

3. Parents who will actively take part in school activities (weekly dawa classes) and in their children’s development supporting east London Islamic school in advancing and developing its aims and activities.

4. We welcome applications from people of different faiths or no faith, who are looking for strong moral and spiritual development for their child. Helping them grow-up respecting people from every background. We believe the values of east London Islamic school are universal values and accessible to all people in our community.

We are pledged to be unbiased, just and systematic throughout the admission processes. Each process has been designed by adapting the instructions and regulations of government and educational authorities.

We at ELIS take the following criteria into consideration before admission:

  • Ability of children in Islamic studies
  • Ability of children within the National Curriculum
  • Motivation of children learning, parents support and Islamic mindset

ELIS accommodates mixed gender of children between the ages of 5 to 9 and two hour sessions for ages 3 to 5.