Memorising the Holy Qur’an holds immense reward in Islam and Huffaz hold a high status within the Muslim community and render a very important service in leading prayers, particularly during month of Ramadhan.

Course Structure

The Hifz course is structured to aloe pupils to complete the memorization of the entire Qur’an without compromising progress and attainment in other areas of study.

Progression in Hifz is very much dependent on the individual’s ability. Pupils present three aspects of their memorisation each day to the teacher:

1.Newly memorised lesson (sabaq);

2.Lessons from the recent past (sabaq para);

3.Revision (dohr).


Each of the three aspects (above) is assessed by the teacher every day. In addition, two formal examinations take place each year.

Hifz Contract

Successful progress and completion of the Hifz course requires much dedication from pupils and also supervision from parents. To ensure pupils and parents are aware of their responsibilities, pupils and parents are required to commit time and effort to their Hifz by agreeing to specific terms.

Hifz Diary

All Hifz pupils receive a customised Hifz diary, detailing basic information on the course, academic targets and daily progress records for teachers to complete and for parents to view.