National Curriculum

ELIS has moulded its curriculum to accommodate much of the National Curriculum programme of study along with various Islamic subjects. We are adapting an integrating approach to embrace the best of Islamic knowledge, tradition and studies and the essentials of national curriculum to train the pupil value oriented.



Using the National Literacy Strategy the resources we use to teach literacy will be based on Islamic texts and stories. We will use a collection of Islamic stories, rhymes, fictional and non-fictional materials. Reading and comprehension; writing and composition and speaking and listening.


Based around the National Numeracy Strategy. It using applying mathematics, Numbers, shape, space, measure and data handling.


Based around National Curriculum Guidelines. Basic scientific ideas, Practical investigations and problem solving. Science Experimental, Life processes and living things, Materials and their properties and Physical processes. We will relate the Islamic scientific inventions and tradition to the national curriculum.

Art and Design Exploring knowledge to develop understanding and ideas; Investigating and making art, craft and design; Evaluating and developing work; 

Information Technology Using, exploring and discussing experiences of IT; Communicating and handling information; Controlling and modelling.

History Chronology, Range and depth of historical knowledge and understanding, Interpretations of history; Historical enquiry, organisation and communication.

Geography Geographical enquiry; Skills to develop knowledge and understanding of places, patterns and processes; Environmental change and sustainable development.

Physical Education Through games, movements and gymnastic activities: acquiring, developing, selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional ideas; evaluating and improving performance; knowledge and understanding of fitness and health.
In Sha Allah we will be starting swimming and Karate classes from September

Formal subjects are taught with an Islamic understanding too, thus enabling the students to relate to the world from an Islamic perspective.