ELIS strongly believe that parents a have a predominant role in the academic as well as the extra curricular activities of the school. They can do many creative and effort taking activities to grow the school. So ELIS is pledged to encourage all the initiatives from the parents side to improve the performance of the school and the progress of the children.

The Creative role of Parents

ELIS strongly believe that parents have a fundamental role to play in helping children to learn. We inform parents about what and how their children are learning by:

  • holding curriculum evenings to explain our school strategies for teaching the national curriculum;
  • sending information to parents at the start of each term in which we outline the curriculum that the children will be studying during that term at school;
  • sending annual reports to parents in which we explain the progress made by each child and indicate how the child can improve further;
  • explaining to parents how they can support their children with homework. We suggest, for example, regular shared reading with very young children, and support for older children with their projects and/or investigative work.
  • holding parents’ evenings which provide an opportunity to discuss progress children are making.

We believe that parents have the responsibility to support their children and the school in implementing school policies.

We would like parents to:

  • ensure that their child has the best attendance record possible;
  • ensure that their child is equipped for school with the correct uniform and PE kit;
  • ensure that their child is supported with homework activities which consolidate learning;
  • do their best to keep their child healthy and fit to attend school;
  • inform school if there are matters outside of school that are likely to affect a child’s performance or behavior at school;
  • promote a positive attitude towards school and learning in general;
  • Fulfill the requirements set out in the home/school agreement

Learning Sessions of Parents

At ELIS, Parents will have periodic classes every week to provide them the best knowledge of child care in an Islamic manner, the progress of the children and Islamic Classes. ELIS keeps an expert panel of scholars to conduct the classes for the parents. We reckon the parents should have a thorough knowledge of Islam, texts and Islamic studies. Parents have to fill up the feedback form at the end of each class. They will have monthly tests on the bases of the classes. On the basis of performance in the test, they will be rewarded on assembly at the presence of children. School can utilize these gatherings of the parents for seeking the suggestions for continuous improvements. Volunteering work from parents are highly encouraged in every work of the schools such as taking children’s on a study tour, conducting open day for the school or conducting religious classes.