Pupil Reward Chart

The teachers will assess the continuous and comprehensive development of the children both in academic and extra curricular activities and the level of the performances will be indicated in a pupil reward chart. ELIS is trying to provide a positive motivation to the children trough the means of public recognition and reward system.

ELIS recognizing those who achieves in academic and behaviour domains. We have weekly prices and that will given every Monday in the morning assembly. And There is 'star of the month award' for the best all rounding performers in both academic and extra curricular sectors.

Achievement awards


Week 1

Year 1: Tasnim and Saiba

year 2: Isra and Yahiya

Year 3: Zaid and Ibrahim

Year 4: yusuf Jamil

Year 5: Azad

Year 6: Suleekha and Maryam

Week 2

Year 1: Iqtidar and Rayaan

year 2: Sumaiyya and Sameya

Year 3: Yasir

Year 4:Ayyub

Year 5: Naima Hassan

Year 6: Maryam B